Trinidad "Trini" Carreon




For Trini Carreon, Home Is Where the Heart Is!

Trini was born and raised in southern California. He graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a bachelors degree in Social Sciences. He has four children and two grandchildren. Up until he visited Montana’s Flathead Valley and in particular Whitefish, he thought he had it all.

In 2001, Trini came to Northwest Montana to visit a friend in Whitefish. As he stepped off the plane, he could see all the surrounding landmarks such as Whitefish Mountain Resort, Columbia Mountain, Glacier National Park and the Swan Range. As he looked off into the distance, he was filled with the magnitude of the natural beauty that causes so many to remain here.

After gazing for a moment he recalls asking his wife Gwen, “Do we have to leave?”

After being here for nearly ten years, Trini has learned that living here, simply put, is a dream come true, filled with opportunity and people who love life and enjoy living. Although Trini misses his family and friends from California, he has learned that home is where the heart is!


Real Estate has been a Passion for this Man on the Move

Real estate has been Trini’s passion for over 30 years. In addition to being a very successful listing agent, Trini represents people new to the area who are looking for a second home or who are relocating. When Trini moved here with his family, he started and pioneered two new businesses, including his real estate business. By pulling up his own roots and re-establishing himself in a new area, Trini understands what it means to relocate. Montana allows him to market properties in an area that is surrounded by natural beauty wherever he looks. He believes that if you love your work and enjoy helping people in finding their dream home or marketing their existing property, then things will come together. As past clients' testimonials will describe, it can happen to you!


Getting You the Maximum Value for Your Real Estate Investment

Trini lives by one simple rule. “It’s not what you promise, it’s the promises you keep that sets you apart from another.” He prides himself on being a great listener and loves to find the perfect Montana property based on the needs of the client. Based on the wish list of the client, Trini narrows the search for property down to the most important features his client has requested. This all serves to maximize the value and save time for the customer.

When it comes to listing your property, Trini verifies all the listing details and conducts a market analysis to determine value. One of his goals is to get his clients the maximum value for their property. Among the many marketing avenues, Trini will expose your property to the Real Estate Community in an effort to show them its features and benefits. He will also do direct marketing and ad campaigns to attract the buying public to your home. From here, Trini’s support team ensures that his clients’ property is placed on 31 different real estate search sites to achieve the maximum exposure via the internet. Selling your property is of the upmost importance to Trini and he works smart to get the job done for you.


Your Relocation Expert

Prior to coming to Montana, Trini researched a number of other four-season resort communities. He soon learned that he could not find another area like the Flathead Valley that had every area attraction he was looking for – the small town feeling, adjacent to a national park, with a top-ten ski resort, a top rated golf resort, and the top restaurants – all in a place that was affordable.

Trini found nowhere else with all of these characteristics and so Northwest Montana became the perfect fit. In speaking with visitors, he often asks how long they are staying. They always answer that they are returning back to reality in the next few days. It always reminds him that he lives and works in a place that most others regard as a “dream come true.” View Trini's slide show of area photos.

When meeting and working with Trini, you will quickly learn that he has found his sense of peace and a place that he would love to share with you.